Next-Generation Security Solutions with Hi-Focus

Hi-Focus is a security solutions provider, we specialize in total integrated surveillance, data communication and storage solutions that can be customized to precisely resolve any security issue. We are proven business partners that are committed to increasing customer value by creating a  secure environment, resulting in societal prosperity. We endeavor to recreate every challenge with leading-edge and innovative technologies to cultivate and enhance a business’s working environment. Our end-to-end solution offerings include

  • Airport Security
  • Public spaces security
  • Office surveillance and security
  • High-end surveillance for financial institutions
  • Surveillance in populated areas
  • Large area and City surveillance
  • Mobile DVR and transportation

Operating in an environment that sustains rapid technological innovation, we stay at the forefront of every ubiquitous solution to provide some of the most secure and reliable solutions. Over the years, we have developed expertise and the experience to offer our customers one of the broadest portfolios ever found in the surveillance industry. Our proven business practices integrate and manage some of the most intelligent and streamlined surveillance solutions across sectors.

Features of Hi-Focus surveillance security solutions

Generally, where applicable, Hi-Focus ensures the following features depending upon the solution.

  • Day and night operations with 24/7 surveillance capabilities
  • Both day and night cameras have continuous zoom-in / zoom-out; also equipped with a continuous optical IR zoom lens
  • Particularly in Airport security, the devices can be interfaced with the air or ground radar systems
  • Self-governing wide panoramic scanning and picture display
  • Automatic real-time intruder alert with audio immediately upon detection.
  • Scanning, Tracking, Multiple target detection, Modes of operation
  • Enhanced visualization even in low atmospheric visibility. 

Airport Security Solutions


Airports have a lot to deal with when it comes to security. From facing the ever-present threat of terrorism to enforcing strict rules and regulations, airport security personnel operate in a fast-paced environment that offers no room for mistakes. IP surveillance technology and new innovations in video analytics are helping to raise airport security to new heights.

Besides the considerable challenges of airport security, there is also the incredibly demanding criteria for protecting passengers, preventing sabotage, fires, and explosions and managing accesses and authorizations. Hi-Focus provides airport security solutions that can combat terrorism along with providing advanced video analytics using behavioral technology and enabling real-time surveillance from several digital streams. The surveillance systems are flexible, scalable and can be easily integrated into newer systems using digital encoders. With robust IP-based surveillance systems capable of capturing and relaying live video streams, users can monitor airport activities even off-location.

Shopping Malls and Public Solutions

Shopping malls constitute large open areas with multiple levels inclusive of restaurants, shops, movie theaters and a lot of other delivery, service and storage areas, which are highly susceptible to unceremonious activities. The expanse of space and buildings can be challenging for security personnel to monitor. Hi-Focus ensures that crucial security areas are continuously observed with the help of solutions that are planned and involve a strategic installation of surveillance equipment. At the same time, we also affirm non-intrusive monitoring for retail establishments, shoppers and customers who might otherwise be brittle to supervision. However, shoplifters and other security threats need to be clearly told that the area is under surveillance and liberties just cannot be taken. Hi-Focus offers a range of surveillance solutions that provide customers with a judicious mix of discretion and security specially designed for the retail industry.

With our Shopping mall and public places safety solutions we prevent theft at storage facilities, delivery areas, and other retail outlets. Crime is deterred when security officers are able to identify suspicious activity through the installed equipment. Furthermore, the equipment increases the overall level of security, enables monitoring of employee activity, and allows coordination between the security personnel and aids in crime investigation.


Office Security Solutions


From corporate espionage to sabotage, from the destruction of property to keeping a check on productivity – most workplaces today need a range of electronic security solutions. Keeping this in mind, Hi-Focus has designed surveillance solutions for corporates specially designed for the office space.

We fully understand the security challenges of a commercial office and therefore strive to provide surveillance solutions that alleviate the risks of liability, vandalism, dishonest employee behavior, and more importantly theft. Having delivered experienced quality video surveillance solutions, we help our customers build powerful security plans that have the ability to thwart every challenge and facilitate business protection.

Hi-Focus’s systems can minimize annual losses due to theft as they aid in monitoring day to day operations while accelerating customer service through off-site facility management on a smartphone. Trespassers and vandals are warded off and employers can experience decreasing liability from frivolous lawsuits and claims.

High End Security for Banks/Finance House

Banks are usually a symbol of security and assurance for everyone. They can, therefore, make no compromise in securing themselves. In the recent years, banks have needed to resort to more and higher end and fail-safe security measures, especially in the area of electronic surveillance. To help keep banks and other such financial institutions stay secure Hi-Focus has developed special tools and technologies to ensure complete safety and security within the premises.

These days whether they are banks or financial institutions, reliable video surveillance systems are indispensable. With the increase in burglaries, check frauds, robberies, frauds in ATMs or even vandalism, swift action is required to conserve all that is within the facility. The only way to apprehend the perpetrators is through video surveillance and recordings. Hi-Focus offers compact digital recording systems with specific parameters and software specifically designed for applications in banks. With reliable devices and highly stable recording servers, the systems offer high operator convenience and outstanding image quality. Our digital recording systems carry certifications for use, especially in financial, credit and banking institutions. All recorded data are admissible as evidence in court. This also includes ATM activity survey where periodic transaction checks are conducted.


Populated Area Security Solutions


Places, where a large number of people converge, are always security flashpoints, especially with the rising threat of terrorism. Hi-Focus has developed a surveillance technology that not only helps security professionals handle the huge volume of people but also identifies individual faces among them. Hi-Focus provides access control and perimeter protection for commercial, government and all public facilities that are highly populated. Enhanced vigilance is provided through solutions that are cohesive and involve real-time monitoring and swift response capabilities. Our products are designed to maintain all control systems in the most austere conditions in these congested areas. The surveillance systems are highly sophisticated thus ensuring lasting, and adaptable solutions to minimize the risks of intrusions. Hi-Focus’s solutions for populated areas include RFID and biometric access control systems, video solutions,and turn-key solutions that cover DVR systems, networking, procurement, and integration. All surveillance systems are solidified with the most advanced and appropriate technologies to ensure security in highly populous areas.

City Surveillance

The urban landscape is rife with security threats. And every city has its vulnerable groups. It becomes the responsibility of every urban planner to also plan for the security of the city thus ensuring an environment where everyone can live together in peace.

It is true that safe cities provide countless opportunities, can foster innovation and more importantly bring with its safety, the capability to attract businesses. With the rise of urban planners, governments and other facilities, city populations are gradually rising. The spirit of collaborative working lays the groundwork for the continued success of the citizens. Hi-Focus partners with city planners and authorities to ensure a safe and secure space for work, recreation, and life. Our products improve emergency preparedness to keep citizens safe while quickly responding to unforeseen events or disasters. All public utilities and municipal areas are transformed to increase situational awareness and to maintain a secure environment. Public organizations inclusive of police departments are granted full system access to respond to threats effectively. Operational efficiency is enhanced when a comprehensive strategy for the urban environment is developed to intelligently manage traffic, daily life, transportation, assets, and infrastructure.


Transport – Mobile DVR as a solution


Transport systems profess fresh challenges to the surveillance technology industry each day. New technologies are needed to track and monitor targets that are in motion, some even miles away from the control room. HI-Focus has been creating and developing solutions that are robust and can meet the challenges of this particular sector.

More and more mass transit vehicles are opting for video surveillance systems such as ferries, buses and other public as well as private transportations to improve the safety and security of the people. With our mobile DVR solutions, you can track vehicles using video management software, store video data and view live footage over a web browser or any internet-connected device. The systems are compatible with a wide variety of security needs to suit 3G mobile DVR, and 4G mobile DVR. We fully understand the security threats existent in the transportation sector inclusive of vandalism, petty crimes, harassment, etc. and therefore insulate all transportation systems from risks and threats. These solutions also reduce the liability of passenger injuries in addition to other perils.

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